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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Best Acne Treatment Using Honey

Honey has been used for beauty treatments from ancient times to the present. For women who love the natural beauty certainly can not ignore the use of honey is extremely effective best acne treatment.

Honey as a best acne treatmen
Honey is truly priceless gift which nature endowed ladies. Rich in nutrients and vitamins, in addition to a moisturizer bring bright smooth skin, honey is antibacterial extremely effective anti-inflammatory. But using honey as a best acne treatment, then you should pay attention to purchase raw honey. If you buy the wrong type of honey to the processing and mixing is not only less effective but can cause side effects. So choose natural honey can be derived explicitly to bring the highest efficiency in the treatment of acne with honey.

How to use honey very simple. Most of you just get pure honey applied directly to the acne spots and allowed to dry and then rinse face with cold water. However, in order to promote the use of honey, we recommend that before you go to bed, you wash your face with cleanser, then use honey and apply on acne affected areas overnight. The next morning you wake up and wash your face.

In addition, you can use honey to treat acne with aloe vera or lemon juice, cinnamon powder. The mixture of natural masks are very good effect. You can use them 1-2 times / week alternating with honey applied to the skin overnight. In addition, honey also works to remove dead skin cells wonderful. A mixture of brown sugar with honey will be the No. 1 choice for you, if you want to exfoliate the skin, so the skin more smooth.

Do not overlook the benefits of honey for skin, use honey as an best acne treatment is very effective! Wish you success.

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