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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How Do Shrink Pores Blackheads Left?

One of the extremely disfiguring caused by blackheads is to leave the deep and large pores. These pores previously clogged by excess oil by excessive dead skin cells and bacteria that cause acne. After taking the acne, the remaining pores look very ugly. Although it is difficult to permanently change the size of the pores, there are treatments you can do at home to help shrink pores due to the blackheads.

1. Pour into medium sized pot and place on the stove, boiling

2. While waiting for water to boil, gently wash your face with cleanser. Please note: use of non-oily cleanser to remove impurities on the skin and does not dry the skin.

How Do Shrink Pores Blackheads Left
3. Use cream exfoliating granules. Or you can also use brown sugar mixed with honey into a paste mixture on the face, gently massage in circular motion about 1-2 minutes then rinse face again.

4. Prepare 2 large towels. A towel wrapped hair up to the hair of 'do not loose your forehead or cheek. A large towel used to cover up the pot when you boil down the water, placed on a table or chair (with appropriate height for you to sit firmly and safely steam) and steam for ten minutes. Just relax and remember not to go too close to the nearby steam.

5. Skip veil and gently pat until dry face

6. Use clay mask for retreading face. The you have can refer to the kinds of clay mask at these salons cosmetics. Here we recommend you buy bentonite clay oil absorbent work very well shrink pores and blackheads due to leave. You only need mixing 1 tablespoons clay with warm water to create into mixture gelatinous and paste up face.

7. Apply to the nose where many large pores and a thick layer of clay to dry completely in about 15-20 minutes.

8. Rinse the clay, and dry with a towel.

9. Pour a few drops of toner (rose water) onto a cotton ball and rub on the nose to help shrink pores due to the blackheads.

The patience you perform 1-2 times / week will see very good performance! Wish you a happy day!

How Do Shrink Pores Blackheads Left? written by Acne Treatment Guidelines Canada.

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