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Thursday, October 31, 2013

How To Make Acne On The Back Go Away

Not only teenagers before puberty but adults also have problems with acne due to sebaceous glands in the back of overactive. With this kind of back acne also shares some similarities with the treatment as other forms of acne.

1. Exfoliating dead skin on the back

How To Make Acne On The Back Go Away
Use a sponge or a piece of 'dry loofah back period, when you take a shower, this can reduce acne on the back. However, you do not rub too hard, otherwise you will increase sebum secretion stimulation.

2. mixture to exfoliate at home

You can make a mixture to remove dead skin cells from natural sources. This will help you remove dead skin cells, causes clog pores and cause acne. You can use brown sugar mixed with honey and turmeric paste to the mixture and store in glass jars for personal use. If you have time, you can use grapefruit juice with sugar and coarse sea salt mixed into the mixture and then applied to the back, gently massage and dry after bathing to reduce acne on the back.

3. Change of shampoo and shower gel if necessary

You should use the correct type of shower that they do not contain oil. In addition, topical medications containing 2% salicylic acid will also work well. After bath cleaner, especially after you exercise sweating, you should immediately wash, you dry yourself, apply acne medication on areas. The shampoo contains oil should be changed because your hair will have to hold dirt and exposed back.

How To Make Acne On The Back Go Away written by acne guidelines Canada.

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