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Thursday, October 17, 2013

How To Remove Acne Bruises With Carrots - Acne Treatment Guidelines

Carrots are root vegetables commonly used in cooking food, they are available in the kitchen of every home. You will be surprised to know that carrots are good for treating acne, they can remove stains caused by acne. Today, let's learn how to Acne Treatment Guidelines use carrots as a treatment acne effectively.

How To Remove Acne Bruises With Carrots

Carrot juice contains beta carotene, a huge amount of work to help the body in the healing of skin wounds, especially the scars caused by acne. Fresh carrots contain more beta carotene rich and so this is the first choice when treating acne scars. Acne Treatment with carrot stains should be applied daily for 12 weeks for maximum results.

How to remove acne bruises with carrots
To treat acne and remove dark spots caused by acne with carrots, all you need to do is to use carrot juice to cover the face, especially acne skin appearance more. You can perform at home, you only need enough patience. The steps are very simple.

1. Clean carrots, peeled and cut into small pieces. Carrot juice with the juicer, and you put the juice in a small bowl.

2. Mix 1/2 spot of carrot juice with 1 teaspoon white salt to create a facial composite. You use absorbent cotton wool and gently massage the mixture onto the deep scar in a circular motion.

3. Keep carrot juice on the face until dry and then rinse with cold water. Carrot juice and salt to exfoliate and promote skin cell growth more healthy.

4. Continuing to apply the carrot juice remaining in the acne scars. Beta carotene will now operate deeper in the skin.

5. For about 10 minutes, wash your face with water.

To use carrot as an acne treatment, you should be patient, to the time you start to notice significant changes in your skin, at least 12 weeks, so it will be very difficult to be made by many people can not have the patience.

You should be patient for about 12 weeks to cure deep wounds caused by acne to unleash carrot effect, giving your skin more fresh and healthy.

How To Remove Acne Bruises With Carrots is written by Acne Treatment Guidelines Canada.

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