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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How To Remove Facial Acne Scars By Eggs

Acne bran but not a severe form of acne, however, is still the most annoying, because that skin is not smooth, and always appears tiny white spots objectionable. We understand the distress this, we would like to share with you how to clean up acne by using masking naturally extremely useful below!

Causes of acne bran

Before learning how to clean the dust acne, you have to know what are the causes' acne bran? The first is the increased secretion of sebum by the action of androgens leads to 'deadlock sebaceous follicle. When the sebum is stuck in combination with bacterial folliculitis create acne. Besides environmental factors or genetic dirt and dust related to acne. However, to overcome acne bran, sometimes you just need to work hard and be patient.

1. Use egg whites

How To Remove Facial Acne Scars By eggs
Egg whites have been proven to be very effective in beauty as containing more than 40 different types of protein and B vitamins, niacinamide and amide of vitamin B3, not only have the effect of whitening, but it also antioxidants are also great as acne treatment.

You can choose to show you how to clean acne bran with egg whites below:

Ingredients: 1 egg white, lemon juice

Mix the lemon juice with egg white and then use cotton wool absorbent dressing mixture on your face after washing face with clean water and to shut in about 30 '. Lemon works to clean pores and combine very well with egg whites can help shrink pores. However, due to strong acidic lemon can irritate a bit, you can customize the amount of lemon juice and mask only about 2 times a week is.

2. Use aloe vera

For aloe vera (aka Aloe), we do not have many lines long the benefits of this plant? Usage is simple. You just cut the branch aloe washed then peeled extract the inner part and used to cover his face. Depending on the preferences that you cut in slices or crushed and applied to the surface about 15 minutes and then rinse. Aloe can cause irritation so before you should also try the other area like the back of the hand to see the reaction of yourselves.

In addition to using the dust clears way for natural mask, you also need to pay attention to regimen and diet. Facial Massage and gentle exercise helps the body tirelessly as a way to reduce the appearance of acne bran.

How To Remove Facial Acne Scars By Eggs written by acne treatment guidelines Canada.

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