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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Acne Skin Care With Fruits And Vegetables

Acne is a common problem caused by endocrine disorders, sebum and bacteria that clog pores. For mild cases, you can completely take care of acne at home with these useful methods from fruits and vegetables.

1) Composition wonders of fresh mint leaves

Acne Skin Care With Fruits And Vegetables
Mint leaves give you great effects in skin care and acne scars blur. Get some fresh mint branch, crushed and then extract the juice, then the juice you use this rub on the skin or acne scars dark and go to bed. By the next morning, wash your face with cold water. Mint leaves work anti-inflammation and swelling very good.

2) A great combination of cinnamon and honey

Take some cinnamon powder and mix with enough honey to make a paste. Apply the mixture on the acne affected area and leave overnight. Wash your face the next morning. Honey has antibacterial properties so high.

3) Papaya best for your skin

Pureed papaya juice and took it to a cotton ball soaked in rubbing onto the skin irritation, pimples. Water papaya help reduce swelling and prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

4) Turmeric juice fresh coriander

You can take care of acne with fresh coriander leaves and fresh turmeric. Both are crushed and extract the juice, then mixed together and rubbed on the skin surface. You should use this regularly to be effective in curing acne. Fresh turmeric also works very well obscure deep scars.

5) Pomegranate fruit extract is an excellent remedy acne skin care

Pomegranate fruit extract is very popular in treating acne effectively. You can use pomegranate peel. Bake pomegranate peel and crush it into powder. Then, turn it into a paste by adding a few drops of lemon juice. This mask will surely turn into one of the best natural remedies for pimples and effective.

Acne Skin Care With Fruits And Vegetables written by acne treatment guidelines Canada.

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